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W.L. Restorations understands that there are two components to every project: good materials and good workmanship. Our organization is proud to introduce our unique material affiliations which includes Green Products, LLC, and ThermaCote. Our status as approved applicators and distributors speaks of our credentials and ensures our clients have our manufacturers support.

ThermaCote is an environmentally friendly thermal barrier membrane system which utilizes state of the art ceramic technology to reflect radiant energy. The product, used in the correct applications, provides superior building thermal improvement which traqnslates into energy and budget savings.

Environmental Liquid Membrane System (ELMS)
Green Products, LLC is a world leader in the manufacturing of bio based trechnology for use in roofing and building envelope protection. ELMS 50 and ELMS Ptatinum are low VOC, white, reflective, cool roof system technologies which can be used over most traditional single ply and built-up materials. Used in either either a restoration or new roof application, ELMS systems are proven bio based technologies that improve building and asset performance which saves you future dollars.

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